1.1. What You Will Be Investing in:

Evergate Financial invests in low to medium risk leases and loans. Your investment will be going towards a loan or lease to businesses looking for new or used equipment, or for a truck. Your investment will also be helping our economy, whilst also allowing you to diversify your portfolio, giving you an extra and reliable stream of income. We will be targeting small to medium sized successful businesses.


 We mitigate your risk as low as we possibly can.  Every loan that you invest in will have an equal dollar amount to collateral. If the client defaults we are able to retain the truck, or equipment. Then you can lease it back out or sell it allowing you to retain your initial investment on the loan. We install GPS tracking units on the truck or equipment that is being financed. Allowing our investors to feel safe that your investment is easily able to retain, if the client defaults on his loan or lease. We order site inspections on the truck or equipment for added assurances. We run the clients credit report and run a background report. Also we ask for 3 months business bank statements making sure that the business being financed can afford the monthly payment. If everything checks out, and once the customer agrees to the payments. We would offer a loan for that business.

Typically it takes about 2-5 days to fund a deal. Once the titles and insurance information is received the deal is essentially wrapped up. We receive the final documents for the truck or equipment being financed, we perform a site inspection and if the equipment is in good standing, the deal has been finalized. 

1.2. Investing With Evergate, You Can Expect:

-Very low risk investments.
-Strict underwriting processes, when evaluating potential clients.
-Quickly, and timely updates.
-Honesty, and dedication to ensure customer satisfaction.
-Early investor payouts.
-Reliable yearly income.
-Collateral in each deal, in case a business defaults.
-We do charge down payments for financed clients (goes to Evergate).

1.3. We Do NOT:

-We do not charge hidden fees to investors.
-We do not give 100% guarantees that the client will repay the loan. Each client is ranked per tier. The lower the tier, the lower the risk. The higher the risk, the bigger the interest payout is to our investors.
-We do not finance clients with NO borrowing history.
-We do not charge early payout penalties.
-We do not finance clients that have a low probability of repaying their debt.


Changes to this Statement:

Evergate will occasionally update this Statement of Privacy to reflect our company and customer feedback. Evergate encourages you to periodically review this Statement to be informed of how Evergate is protecting your information.

Contact Information: 

Evergate welcomes your questions or comments regarding this Statement of Privacy. If you believe that Evergate has not adhered to this Statement, please contact Evergate at:

Evergate Financial, LLC

500 Birch Street Newport Beach, California 92660

Email Address: cbrandon@evergatefund.com

Telephone number: 888-387-1595 

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Investor Return Table:

Invest with the evergate fund

Make high returns with little to no risk

-Evergate Financial up to 16% returns

-Mutual funds, 401K's, and bonds offer significantly less returns then Everagte

investing in businesses is a very smart investment

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